🎨🎨Title of the artwork: 2+2
Acrylic painting on canvas
Dimensions: 40×40 cm

🎨🎨A female ID starts with 2 and a male one with 1 in Hungary. Recently the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament (László Kövér) said something about women – I am not involved in politics – but this statement shocked me and at the same time gave me inspiration. said: He said “I pity these MPs, especially those whose ID number begins with number 2”.

After all I realized that if we mirror the number 2 and we stick it to a non mirrored 2 we get a heart. And that is just what comes to my mind when I hear offences against women. I am very grateful to my fellow women for bringing heart to this life on Earth, to work on harmony and those who decide to give birth. Thank you for nurturing and protecting human lives. All of us – regardless if you are man or woman – should appreciate each other, help and protect each other because we are different in some biological ways but we should never forget: we are equal, we are human beings.