The beginning

Title of the artwork: The beginning

Acrylic painting on canvas

Dimensions: 75×58 cm

Usually I paint blue based paintings because this color represents for me harmony, peace and calmness. I gave the title “The beginning” because I think everything is in motion not only around us but also inside us. As water flows in every direction just like the blowing wind, but also the Earth is changing constantly. We don’t have so much influence on several things, with other words, I cannot change the movements of the elements, but I have the ability to change and direct my inner world: my inner conversations, thoughts and feelings. And like this there is a contant possibility for a new beginning. Every morning is a new beginning, every second is a new beginning just like the words I speak, the actions I make, anything can be a new beginning. This realisation during the finalisation of this painting gave me a release and an infinite joy.