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Pear study

Pear study

15×10 cm each

Acrylic on canvas textured paper



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Just read

Title: Just read

24×18 cm

Acrylic on canvas
There is no day for me without reading a book. Usually I read more books because I find it hard to pick up only one. I finish a book often one after another and then I feel urged to start a new one.
My favourite writer is Stefan Zweig, Hermann Hesse and Irvin D. Yalom and to mention Hungarian one also Sándor Márai (his words just reveals the deepest layers of the soul for me) but it is really difficult to choose because there are plenty other whose words changed my perception in a way.
Who is your favourite writer ? 📖
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The beginning

Title of the artwork: The beginning

Acrylic painting on canvas

Dimensions: 75×58 cm

For sale

Usually I paint blue based paintings because this color represents for me harmony, peace and calmness. I gave the title “The beginning” because I think everything is in motion not only around us but also inside us. As water flows in every direction just like the blowing wind, but also the Earth is changing constantly. We don’t have so much influence on several things, with other words, I cannot change the movements of the elements, but I have the ability to change and direct my inner world: my inner conversations, thoughts and feelings. And like this there is a contant possibility for a new beginning. Every morning is a new beginning, every second is a new beginning just like the words I speak, the actions I make, anything can be a new beginning. This realisation during the finalisation of this painting gave me a release and an infinite joy.


Love connects us all

Acrylic painting on canvas
58 x 75 cm
For sale 

Recently media news freaked me out. I cannot hide, I cannot make like I am not here, because we are in this ALL TOGETHER. So my latest painting relates to what happened so far in 2020. I have no other answer, there will be no other answer but love. We must learn to love again and again and again. Live and let live. Love means for me: protecting you, protecting myself. Love is impoving, love is purifying. Love is respect. I respect your life, your decisions. I respect myself too therefore I expect from you to respect me.




🎨🎨Title of the artwork: 2+2
Acrylic painting on canvas
Dimensions: 40×40 cm
For sale // Contact for price or send your request for other colors

🎨🎨A female ID starts with 2 and a male one with 1 in Hungary. Recently the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament (László Kövér) said something about women – I am not involved in politics – but this statement shocked me and at the same time gave me inspiration. said: He said “I pity these MPs, especially those whose ID number begins with number 2”.

After all I realized that if we mirror the number 2 and we stick it to a non mirrored 2 we get a heart. And that is just what comes to my mind when I hear offences against women. I am very grateful to my fellow women for bringing heart to this life on Earth, to work on harmony and those who decide to give birth. Thank you for nurturing and protecting human lives. All of us – regardless if you are man or woman – should appreciate each other, help and protect each other because we are different in some biological ways but we should never forget: we are equal, we are human beings.

Peace of nature

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Peace of nature

Pencil drawing on paper

19 x 15 cm

Light from hand to hand


Title: Light from hand to hand

Technique: Acrylic painting on canvas

Dimensions: 58×75 cm

I painted this because recently something became clear for me. In this period when people face fear for so many reasons it is so important to get and give help. But what I understand now so deeply, that if governments can’t or don’t want to help, and momentarily God seems to be silent it’s us who can help each other. With words, with actions, with anything we have and what we can offer. We can be the giving hand, we can be the receiving hand. Help goes from hand to hand. And light, gratitude, love goes from heart to heart. Be help, be light, be human, be love.