Inside me there are so many questions. How to understand all this what we call life ?

Time goes on, answers arrive. Can be true, can be false.

Above all, the only truth: Love.

My new painting

My new painting: Love is power

It took about a year to create this painting. A reached the final forms step by steps contemplating how to express and summerize my perception about love.

Technique: acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 120×95 cm

For sale. In case of interest contact for price via mail.



New artwork

Name: Crossing lines

The main idea of this work is our thoughts. One determinates the next one and so on. They are following and crossing each other.


L’art donne du sens à notre quotidien, il trouve sa source dans l’amour. L’amour se manifeste par des formes et des couleurs. Sans amour il n’y a pas d’art, sans art il ne peut y avoir d’amour.