Budai Drawing School, Budapest – Drawing, painting, graphic design

Studied under:

Gergely LELKES


János DONNÁK  


Felszabtér Drawing School – Drawing, painting

Studied under:



Ferenczy Drawing School – Drawing, painting

Studied under

Mariann IMRE


I believe we are expanding spirits in an expanding Universe. My paintings keeping track of this expansion and also makes visible the invisible part of me. Also I am persuaded that art connects us and eliminates the distance and differences between humans.

Studying to draw and and improving my drawing skills since my childhood, and will last until my heart beats. I don’t think if I can ever achieve a level when I will say myself that I have learnt all, I am ready. Although I feel ready constantly to connect with people through my artworks and that is why I find important to show my works and keep on learning.

I hope you will discover something new about the world, about yourself through my artworks.

Studied in art schools in Budapest (Budai drawing school, Ferenczy drawing school) where I got immensly lots of help (especially from Gergely Lelkes, András Breznay and Mariann Imre) though I consider myself as a self-thought artist.



Artbox Project, Barcelona, May 2021

Artbox Gallery, Zürich, November 2020

Artbox Project Barcelona, 18-22 March, 2020

Artbasel Artweek, Miami, 2-8 December, 2019

Montázs Gallery, Budapest, solo exhibition, November 2016

Verőce, Minden ami absztrakt group exhibition, 2016 September

RS9 Gallery, Budapest, 2016